Alaska Mountaineering School
" I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of the entire organization, from start to finish. "
— Gary Davis, 12-day MTC
" I felt 100% comfortable with my guides even when dangling 15 feet below the lip of a crevasse. My only complaint... I should have taken the 12 day course. "
— Stuart Pearce, 6-day MTC
" Everyone within AMS went out of their way to make sure we had a fun, safe, and successful expedition. I will definitely recommend them to others. "
— Matt Barbour, Denali West Buttress
" I liked how they treated everyone fairly, as individuals. This fostered team unity throughout the trip. "
— Jim Nelson, Denali Traverse
Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School Alaska Mountaineering School


AMS asks all participants to write an evaluation on their instructors or guides, AMS, and their experience as a whole. We strive for perfection; it takes a steady flow of constructive feedback to get there. Here are some of the comments we have received over the years and photos of the people who write them.


"This Workshop is hands down worth every penny! The guides make sure you leave with the skills and knowledge to tackle any glacier scenario. I will definitely be doing more workshops with AMS."
— Kent Lockman, Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshop

"Thanks for an awesome time and great adventures with the Photo Workshop. What a great opportunity to see Denali and have the local knowledge of what we were seeing. You guys run a great outfit with some wonderful people. I am talking up the 2011 workshop to all my photog buddies. I can't promise the great weather, but I can guarantee a sweet time."
— Jeff Cutler, Denali Photo Workshop

"Dear Colby and Caitlin,
Thank you for the top notch glacier travel/crevasse rescue instruction. I had a great time and learned a lot of valuable information. You definitely went above and beyond my expectations in quality, duration of training time, and having both of you as instructors was unexpected."
— Eric Girolamo, Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshop

"The instructors were highly competent and showed an exceptional level of care and concern for each and every student regardless of their skill level and abilities."
— Sean Lowther, Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshop

"There is no substitute for experience backed up by the ability to deliver it through instruction. All that is left to do is take the knowledge and go rack up your own experience. AMS delivers."
— Kelly Tjaden, Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshop

"I learned a lot about many different aspects of glacier travel in only a few days. I was impressed by how much they were able to thoroughly cover in such a condensed amount of time. It has given me a lot of things to go home and practice!"
— Hilary Spitz, Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshop

"Overall, an excellent course. All instructors broke down complex protection and rope systems into simple steps that were manageable and made me feel safe about what I was learning."
— Seth Arens, Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Workshop

12 Day Mountaineering Course

"You guys were all great. Your company really has a family feel to it... you really put the competition to shame. My last climb was with another (highly regarded) company, and trust me, there is no comparison. Hands down you guys were superior. Keep doing what you are doing. When I climb Denali in a year, you guys will get my call... I have you on speed dial."
— Tony Robles, 12 Day Mountaineering Course

"I couldn't have chosen any other school other than AMS for the basic mountaineering school. I had excellent guides with tons of good experience. They paid enough attention to group safety & individual goals on the trip. AMS office staff were equally good. I wish I had more days on the course."
— Chetan Mishra, 12 Day Mountaineering Course

"A 12-day course is like a box of chocolates: bomber, mixed and full of surprises."
— Pablo Callejas, 12 Day Mountaineering Course

"AMS is the place for Alaska camping. I don't know why you'd go with anyone else."
— Dozier Gardner, 12 Day Mountaineering Course

"All the guides were competent, relaxed, and encouraged students to challenge themselves as much as they were comfortable."
— Brian Miner, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"Small company feel where my individual needs were seen to very well"
— Paul Oldenburg, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"The course was almost like being in the mountains with excellent friends, a very comfortable atmosphere to learn in."
— Chris Lillo, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"I like it when things flow naturally, learning in real situations as opposed to classroom or contrived up situations."
— Joel Huettig, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"I really enjoyed the quality of the instructors and their vast knowledge in the field of mountaineering."
— Mark Harro & Scott Pierce, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"Two fantastic instructors — conscientious, courteous, safe and very knowledgeable."
— Larry Wolff, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"Good reliable information and skills taught throughout the course. Great student/instructor ratio allows instruction to be personalized. I was impressed by the quality of the entire program."
— Kristin Dahl, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"My goals were definitely achieved, and the views we got were awesome!"
— Shelly Soderstrom, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"Absolutely satisfied. It was a pleasure to be out there with people who genuinely love what they do and the places they do it!"
— Christopher Boggs, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"My instructors love to share their knowledge and experiences; they are superb educators. I applaud them for their patience, tenacity, and great sense of humor. You will walk away with more than you expect."
— Leon Davis, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"I've never had this much fun getting smelly."
— Bob Frederick, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"The AMS program combined with the stellar AMS guides gave the novice in me a real thorough basis in glacier mountaineering. Thanks so much — a great learning & life experience."
— Tom O'Mara, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"I would never attempt an expedition without the training I received from AMS."
— Scott Vanfossan, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"AMS guides prepare you for real experiences in the mountains. The trips are amazing learning experience in incredible places."
— Tazlina Mannix, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"I was continuously challenged and outside of my comfort zone and in doing so stretched my physical, mental, and emotional being — this AMS course surpassed my expectations and lessons learned will remain with me throughout my life. I'm sure of it! Thank you so much."
— Stephanie Nolfi, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of the entire organization, from start to finish. If you are looking for an extensive, intensive, dynamic mountaineering course presented with the utmost professionalism and competence, in an equally challenging environment, then look no further — AMS is your choice!"
— Gary Davis, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"The 12 day course truly opened my eyes to the world of mountaineering. It was a great place to start and has opened up countless opportunities for growth and new experiences."
— James Berry, 12 day Mountaineering Course

"What an amazing course! The skills we learned in 12 days were so vital and well taught that I will feel substantially more comfortable when I pursue smaller mountaineering expeditions of my own. The instructors are all at the top of their game and can answer almost any mountaineering question you throw at them... This course had all the qualities of bigger schools but with a very personal touch."
— Isaac Grosfeld-Katz, 12 day mountaineering course

"AMS's friendly admin staff, organized and well developed approach to their trips and amazingly knowledgeable, professional and fun guides makes for an experience of a lifetime."
— Robert Barron, 12 day mountaineering course

"This course gave a very broad perspective on mountaineering in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. I felt that I learnt the basics of anew skill whilst making some quality friendships."
— Kate Salmon, 12 day mountaineering course

"This course introduced me to a wide variety of skills and experiences that I had never known before. The location was like something from my dreams. Overall, this has enriched me tremendously and has opened up a new world of outdoor fun."
— Douglas Seigars, 12 day mountaineering course

"I think AMS is a great school for preparing people to be safe navigating in the mountains. Everyone is super friendly, very encouraging and simply likes to have fun!"
— Kristy DeYong, 12 day mountaineering course

"The 12 day mountaineering course was an all around excellent experience. There is no better way to learn and practice core skills than to be out in the Alaska Range with AMS's highly experienced and fun guides."
— Clare Chesher, 12 day mountaineering course

"They say an old dog can't learn new tricks, but your program puts the lie to that notion!"
— John Carpenter, 12 day mountaineering course

"A really exceptional becoming experience. Fantastic, knowledgeable and fun guides, focused on your safety and on teaching you to do and learn things you never thought possible."
— James Chesher, 12 day mountaineering course

6-Day Mountaineering Course

"Everything was great — I learned more over the past week than in 10 years of climbing with other guide services."
— Eric Beyer, 6-Day Mountaineering Course

"The 6-day Mountaineering Course took the seemingly overwhelming concept of beginning to learn mountaineering & broke it down into manageable parts. I now feel I have the tools to build a solid foundation & increase my desire to get out there!"
— Marybeth Phillis, 6-Day Mountaineering Course

"I have been on many other expeditions & other companies, but this has been the best organized & lead trip I have been on."
— Nav Rangi, 6-Day Mountaineering Course

"AMS Instructors, equipment and facilities rate as top notch PROFESSIONAL!"
— Todd Bauman, 6-Day Mountaineering Course

"'I was dancing in the clouds with my feet still on the ground.' (from a song by Barefoot Truth) I've seen heaven on earth and AMS took me there."
— Trent Brown

"I liked everything about the course! You have no idea what this course has done for me. Thank you so much."
Ritamarie Langerin, 6 day Mountaineering Course

"AMS is an excellent way to improve your mountaineering skills in dramatic scenery under safe conditions."
— Jessica Pettersson, 6 day mountaineering course

"AMS lives up to their advertising — A competent, attentive staff from the office to the mountains."
— Mansen Boze, 6 day mountaineering course

"It's a perfect way to be introduced to mountaineering in a safe and reliable way. Awesome course in awesome surroundings!"
— Tony Persson, 6 day mountaineering course

"Overall experience with AMS was fantastic, exceeded every expectation I arrived with. The guides very much love what they do and this evidenced daily in everything they do and teach. Extremely positive experience that has set the stage for a lifetime of safe, confident and fun mountaineering."
— Bill Bryant, 6 day mountaineering course

"Fantastic trip to learn the basics in a hands-on environment. It was a treat to climb with such talented guides."
— Chad Lorenz, 6 day mountaineering course

"The 6 day mountaineering course gave a really solid base from which to build my skills and experience — I'd definitely recommend it."
— Barbara Morrissey, 6 day mountaineering course

"I've climbed with other well known guide services and AMS is by far the best guide service for the Alaska Range — they are able to not only teach mountain skills effectively, but also build your personal confidence in a mountain environment. All future climbs I do in the Alaska Range, including the West Buttress, will be with AMS."
— Brian Beyer, 6 day Mountaineering Course

Everything was great — I learned more over the past week than in 10 years of climbing with other guide services.
— Eric Beyer, 6 day Mountaineering Course

"The AMS instructors are top notch and the Alaska Range is the ideal mountaineering instruction environment. This was one of the most enjoyable 6 days I have ever had!"
— Kevin Zagorda, 6 day Mountaineering Course

"I started the trip knowing nothing about mountaineering, but after 6 days with AMS I feel like I have built a strong foundation for a successful future in the mountains and wilderness. From the course I am not only taking away valuable knowledge in climbing, safety, and camping, but great memories too."
— Farid Mosher: 6 day MTC

"I felt 100% comfortable with my guides even when dangling 15 feet below the lip of a crevasse. My only complaint... I should have taken the 12 day course."
— Stuart Pearce: 6 day MTC

"I recommend that anyone with an interest in mountaineering take a course through AMS... their knowledge in this area is unsurpassed!"
— Mike Childers, 6 day mountaineering course

"The 6-day mountaineering course was like summer camp except that you learn something and you're on a glacier! For a 25-year old with those camp memories well behind him, this course was truly an adventure."
— David Spector, 6 day mountaineering course

"I have been rock climbing for sometime. I was concerned that the course would spend too much time on skills I already knew. It turns out this was not even an issue. Living on a glacier is exciting and fun and learning the skills to do this through AMS is a fabulous way to do it. I even learned better techniques for rock climbing."
— Michael Backfish, 6 day mountaineering course

Military Training

"With over 10 years in the search and rescue community, AMS provided by far the most knowledgeable and professional instructors I've had the chance to work with." — Lt. Jon McKenzie, USAF

Advanced Mountaineering Course

"I learned more in one day of Rock Rescue having to set up all my own systems under the instructors watchful eye than in a handful of other courses combined. Amazing."
— Rick Miske, Advanced Mountaineering Course

"I have been climbing my whole life but I was amazed by how much I did not know. The guides were an amazing source of knowledge that helped me hone and improve my skills."
— Amy Hinkle, Advanced Mountaineering Course

"I have been with several other companies and this was the best experience I have ever had. The guides were the most experienced, knowledgeable and cordial. Thanks."
— Sean Alvarez, Advanced Mountaineering Course

"If you want to climb in Alaska, use AMS. Their knowledge and experience in this area is unparalleled."
— Brent Erickson, Advanced MTC

"The AMS 12 day advanced mountaineering course provided me with an excellent opportunity to learn winter camping, glacier mountaineering, and safe climbing skills from some of the most experienced instructors around. I'm looking forward to using the skills I learned on many future expeditions, including a Denali expedition with AMS in 2008."
— Tom Mays, Advanced MTC

"I learned heaps and tons and bunches. When can I go again?"
— Meg McKinney Larsen, Advanced MTC

DENALI West Buttress

"Once again, AMS provided exceptionally high quality educational programs and guide services to their clients and park visitors."
— 2011 National Park Service Concessioner Review

"If you have any interest in climbing in Alaska, you need look no further; AMS is the leader in the field. Your expectations will be far exceeded."
— Peter Erbland; Denali WB

"A well organized expedition, professional, the best of my 10 expeditions!"
— Karl Waag, Denali West Buttress

"If it's safety first, then AMS must rate as the best guiding service on Denali."
— Mike Nixon, Denali West Buttress

"If you want to climb, go AMS. If you want to learn, go AMS. If you want to summit, go AMS!"
— Dan Tebay, Denali West Buttress

"I believe AMS' local presence in Talkeetna gives it a built-in edge over the other guiding companies on Denali."
— Darrel Koehlinger, Denali West Buttress

"In typical American style the organization of every aspect of the expedition is excellent."
— Audre' Bredeukoup, Denali West Buttress

"AMS is a very well organized, safety conscience guide service."
— Tim Sheehan, Denali West Buttress

"The best part about AMS is that they teach skills and safety awareness and encourage you to practice them. Most guiding companies simply guide and don't teach."
— Ryan Weber, Denali West Buttress

"AMS has the right stuff. With a logistical pyramid that is second-to-none and phenomenal guides who are personally committed to your success, nobody can give you a better high-altitude experience than AMS!"
— Tom Dougherty, Denali West Buttress

"A great and talented team showed me not only Denali, but also taught me a great deal about mountaineering."
— Hynek Dvorak, Denali West Buttress

"The trip was so much fun that reaching the summit was reduced to being the cherry on the pie."
— Wim Smets, Denali West Buttress

"There's nobody other than AMS I would feel comfortable with on the mountain."
— Andy Steiner, Denali West Buttress

"AMS is a group of consummate professionals. Their operation is absolutely first class."
— Doug Beall, Denali West Buttress

"The most professional and personal guide service I have ever used."
— Dan Walters, Denali West Buttress

"Watch the jet stream @ 17,200 feet camp. But rest assured, AMS builds the best walls!"
— Mark Duffy, Denali West Buttress

"Of the 5 guide companies I have used, AMS is by far the most professional and well organized!"
— Tom Folmar, Denali West Buttress

"AMS did a great job in helping me achieve my goals on Denali. Through their and my hard work I accomplished what I wanted and had a great time too!"
— Paul Swienton, Denali West Buttress

"AMS has their act together — extremely knowledgeable and flexible. Everyone within AMS went out of their way to make sure we had a fun, safe, and successful expedition. I will definitely recommend them to others."
— Matt Barbour, Denali West Buttress

"My AMS trip was a complete personal success. The guides were top notch professionals, and always emphasized safety and responsibility."
— David Metzler, Denali West Buttress

"AMS — the real deal!"
— Len Holmes, Denali West Buttress

"These guys are the best. Safety is the primary concern, but this did not inhibit me from getting a total mountaineering experience."
— Rob Holder, Denali West Buttress

"It has been a real pleasure climbing on Denali with the excellent logistical support, facilities, and professional guides provided by AMS. From the moment you arrive, and especially on the mountain, you notice how AMS stands apart from its competition. Well done and thank you!"
— Chris Charlton, Denali West Buttress

"I have been with many mountain guide services in the last 10 years, AMS is by far the best — the guides are friendly, great cooks, always safe. Also as a client, the guides don't treat you like a fool on the end of a rope!"
— Possum Tomfeld, Denali West Buttress

"The guide's knowledge of the Alaska Range was amazing. The AMS team of people was my favorite part. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and fun to work with."
— Chris Grubb, Denali West Buttress

"I will return for future adventures and surely recommend AMS to friends."
— Pat McCrann, Denali West Buttress Expedition

"The guides were supremely willing to talk through options and make sure the group and individuals were happy and challenged."
— Linda Delgado, Denali Expedition

"This was a fantastic expedition! The instructors were outgoing, enthusiastic, knowledgeable on the subject, and concerned for all participants."
— Robert Humpreys, Denali West Buttress Expedition

"Very Satisfied. The emphasis on safety was outstanding."
— Rob Holder, Denali West Buttress Expedition

"A heartfelt thank you for everything — I had an amazing journey."
— Dave Plant, Denali West Buttress Expedition

"AMS makes you feel like family. They put together a quality team with quality guides. Thanks for helping my dreams come true!"
— Jeff Seymour, Denali West Buttress Expedition

"AMS is the premier Denali guiding service. I was looking for a company that provided a safe and fun learning experience with some of the premier guides in the world. AMS delivered. The experience was an A+."
— Hugh Slater, Denali West Buttress

"The best part of AMS is the people: passionate, adventurous, thoughtful, and great fun. I can't imagine any organizations I would rather trust 3 weeks of my summer to."
— Denali Barron, Denali West Buttress

"If a great time can be had in an extreme environment, AMS helps deliver. Incredible mountain. Qualified guides. Amazing experience!"
— Michael Bellamy, Denali West Buttress

"AMS is the way to go! Look nowhere else."
— John Davis, Denali West Buttress

"For a successful Denali expedition, you have to be with AMS."
— Erik Jansen, Denali West Buttress

"Climbing Denali was one of the best and hardest experiences of our lives. Climbing with AMS made the adventure safe and enjoyable. We were able to push ourselves and enjoy the trip at the same time. Climbing Denali is hard but AMS makes the journey safe and fun."
— Steve & Michelle Tierney, Denali West Buttress

"AMS is dialed in."
— Ryan Bell, Denali West Buttress

"If you've attempted to summit Denali and fell short, with AMS you will not feel cheated. That's how rich this West Buttress expedition when done correctly as with AMS led trips. I would not do it again. There's no reason to because you know it was done correctly with AMS."
— John McHale, Denali West Buttress

"This expedition was a wonderful experience. A three week long struggle and battle but well rewarded when we reached the summit thanks to the guides for helping me getting down."
— Herve Bertho, Denali West Buttress

"A long trip on Denali but was great. If you would like to reach the top of Denali, AMS is a great way to go. Lots of work but a great chance of reaching your goal."
— Bill McNelly, Denali West Buttress

"Well planned, organized, and executed from the start. Other expeditions could learn from AMS."
— Todd Gessert, Denali West Buttress

"Best experience with AMS; perfect organization; highly capable guides. Very helpful to have several groups with different starting dates simultaneously on the mountain. Could highly recommend AMS! Thanks for summiting!"
— Anja Lieske, Denali West Buttress

"AMS is a fabulous organization. Efficient and organized with trips to places that will take your breath away. But what really set AMS apart is the people who work there. Self-motivated, knowledgeable, fun and most of all, warm and always remain with a smile and a good attitude. A+!"
— Samuel Kahn, Private Denali West Buttress


"Perfect trip, professionally guided, good organization and sense of humor!"
— Elisabetta Pallavicini, Upper West Rib Expedition

"Given the weather window, our guides put us on the summit perfectly. It would not have been possible without them."
— Fred McGuinness, Denali Upper West Rib

"The guides MADE the trip. The route was great, but the guides made it spectacular."
— Steve Gabbert, Denali Upper West Rib

"A first class operation — ran locally by people who know the mountain."
— Si Matthies, Denali Upper West Rib


"It is an honor to be a part of the AMS legacy and to have shared this experience with their legendary guides."
— Drew Tegeler, Denali Traverse

"Denali has been a goal for years, and I would never have been able to do this as safely or successfully without AMS."
— Jason Hale, Denali Traverse

"Our guides taught and spent time individually with everyone. The AMS schedule (21 days, plus more if needed) gives everyone a great chance. Organization was impressive."
— Todd Bausch, Denali Traverse Expedition

"The traverse was really a once in a lifetime experience. I was up for a challenge and I certainly got it!"
— Jeff Leigh, Denali Traverse

"I liked how they treated everyone fairly, as individuals. This fostered team unity throughout the trip."
— Jim Nelson, Denali Traverse

"AMS is a top-notch guiding company and the best in the field. This was an absolutely perfect trip!"
— Bob Gilman, Denali Traverse Expedition


"I would rate this trip 10 out of 10. I would eagerly do another trip with your fine outfit in the future."
— John Fox, Foraker Expedition


"As a child I've come through WWII and much turmoil thereafter. In Alaska's pristine, wild natural beauty I've finally found peace of mind and keep coming back to quench my thirst from this fountain."
— Roland Beyer, 7 day Wilderness Hike

"The staff and leadership at AMS are what makes AMS stand out from other organizations. Of course, they have impeccable skills and judgment, but it's the relaxed, fun, homegrown atmosphere that makes it unique."
— Mindy Lamb, 12 day Wilderness Expedition

"At AMS, they don't mess around!"
— Sven Johnson, 12 day Wilderness Expedition

"Absolutely satisfied. I had no previous camping experience and now feel as though I'd be ready for a trip without a guide. I liked the true sense of adventure, of working for the experience, of testing myself."
— Peter Freer, 7 day Wilderness Hike


"My life goal is not to climb the Seven Summits but rather to set foot within all 397 units of America's National Park System. One of them Denali National Preserve, is particularly remote and difficult to access, but AMS got me there! A spectacular landing on the seldom visited Dall Glacier and two magnificent nights spent on the ice, encircled by grandeur. Thank you AMS!"
—Chris Calvert, Custom 3-Day Glacier Trek

"We had the most amazing experience and great opportunity with our guide in learning beginning mountaineering…its a wonderful opportunity to get your 'feet wet'. "
—Katherine Gines, 2-Day Glacier Trek, Coffee Glacier

"We appreciate everything AMS, and in particular our guide, Dusty Eroh did to make our trip memorable and worthwhile. No one can predict what the weather will bring in Alaska, but Dusty guaranteed we made the most of our adventure. "
—Karen and David Nelson, 3-Day Glacier Trek, Pika Glacier

"Glacier trekking at Ruth Glacier was amazing. It's tied as number one with scuba diving with sharks at Sharks Hole, Tahiti in my most amazing experiences list. The views were magnificicent, the weather was crystal clear and warm, only the sound of melting snow. I encourage everyone to experience such natural beauty."
— Mary Erginsoy, 2-day Glacier Trek

"Great experience! Some of the best views you've ever seen, with the experts, who are pretty fun too..."
— Tom Erginsoy, 2-day Glacier Trek


"Our instructors were amazing, always excited to teach and help out members of our group of all ability levels."
— Overland Adventures Instructor; Jon Harris

"The consensus is that our Alaska experience was the best trip ever. We were not only blown away by the mountains and glaciers, but by the diligence of your preparation and execution. We came with varying skills and ages, but the blend worked well and the regimen was achievable. You taught us to respect where we were, but not to fear it. Learning to live on a glacier and climb to the variety of destinations we encountered seemed much more valuable than a trudge to high places and a quick return."
— Richard Bensing, Scoutmaster for Paoli Troop 1, Paoli, PA

"Colby, and Caitlin, My name is Lynn Painter and I was with one of the students with America's Adventure on the Matanuska Glacier this summer. I am home now, and thinking of all the fun and experience I gained from this trip. I wanted to thank you and Caitlin personally for a wonderful time I had on the Mat. Glacier this summer! It was the greatest part of my trip. I learned so much, and cannot stop thinking about all the things we did on the glacier. Not only did you teach us to tie a knot but we learned how to dress it properly for further safety and protection. I always felt as if you both went that extra mile to stress the utmost importance of safety, technique, and having fun! I am ready to get back out there, and keep climbing. I feel I took so much away from every thing you both taught us during our days on the glacier, and I appreciate your vast knowledge, and effort put forth during those days. I feel wonderful about what I learned, and feel confidant that it was a great start that will take myself and the other members of my group far for the rest of the journeys through out our lives. Climbing has always been a big part of my life, and a dream. My goal and dream to some day work as a guide have been made even more possible thanks to the both of you because of all the help you gave me. I just want to say thank you so much! You both are so great! Take care, and I want to wish you good luck with all your future journeys and summits."
— Lynn Painter, American Adventures

Comments from American Adventures' staff evaluation:

Did you feel teaching skills/techniques were appropriately covered?
"Absolutely. Caitlin and Colby are two of the best, most thorough teachers I have ever worked with. Their wealth of experience and knowledge was taught clearly and well understood by all campers."

Did you feel safety was appropriately handled?
"With the nature of the activities on the glacier, safety was always the primary concern and handled as such."

Professionalism/Attitude towards campers?
"Attention! American Adventures is so lucky to work with these phenomenal people. The campers loved them and really learned a great deal."


"I can't believe how lucky I was to find Colby and AMS while sitting at my desk in Chicago. We've been on three backcountry ski trips with Colby and each one is better than the previous one. We'll be back!"
— Tom Prusinski

"Another great trip! From planning to execution — perfect. See you next season."
— Steve Gabbert, Custom Mt. Huntington

"AMS spends much more time on systems review than any other guide service I have used."
— Drew Haywood, Mt. Russell expedition,


"A fantastic and challenging trip run by knowledgeable and hard working guides."
— Ken Seavey, Mt. Hunter

"Climb with AMS and achieve your personal goals."
— Harry Hoops, West Ridge, Mt. Hunter


"It is rare when you're finding lessons fun and with people you'd enjoy taking out for a beer. I never thought I'd wish for a storm day to stretch out the trip a few more days to hang out and climb more. Thanks."
— Tery Wong, Kahiltna Dome, Denali Prep

"Well organized, great guides, wonderful scenery. This is a course everyone should take before attempting a Denali summit trip."
— Tom Egan, Kahiltna Dome, Denali Prep

"If your climbing schedule takes you to Alaska, AMS offer the best in class experience. The Alaska Experts!"
— Pat Loftus, Kahiltna Dome, Denali Prep

"I've learned more in two short trips with AMS than I learned in 6 trips with another well known guide service. I will only use AMS for my trips to the Alaska Range!"
— Brian Beyerl; Custom Kahiltna Dome


"What an amazing combination of a friendly, relaxed, people-oriented organization with consummate professionalism. From confidence-inspiring guides to top-notch outfitting support... thanks AMS for making our time on the mountain such a success!"
— McCloskey Productions, Denali National Park visitor center filming project